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Create healthy food environment for children


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By Laudia Sawer

Tema, Feb. 6, GNA –
Parents and school authorities have been advised to create a healthy food
environment for children to enable them develop habits of eating right.

Most school compounds
and their immediate surroundings in the Tema Metropolis have become grounds for
selling unhealthy foods especially fizzy drinks, biscuits and in some cases

Mr Samuel Atuahene
Antwi, Tema Metropolitan Nutritionist, in an interview with the Ghana News
Agency said it was about time parents and schools made a conscious effort to
teach children to make informed decisions on what to eat.

Mr Atuahene Antwi
indicated that due to the unhealthy food environment around children, they
develop a taste for unhealthy food by choosing drinks and junk food over
healthy ones.

He pleaded with
school authorities to allow the sale of only healthy foods on their compounds, suggesting
that they could have a fruit stand where children could easily buy their

Healthy food, he
stated, must be balanced with vitamin A rich foods and other fruits and
vegetables, animal foods, legumes, peas and nuts, staples, and energy giving

He added that this
would encourage the intake of fruits as most parents used the excuse of fruits
prepared from home going bad before snack time, as a justification to feed
children with fizzy drinks.

The nutritionist
further urged school authorities and parents to plan their menu to include the
various nutrients to ensure that food served to children were well balanced.

He noted that
carbonated drinks contained only calories without the needed nutrients found in
fruits which could lead to child obesity with nutrient deficiency.


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