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Conscious Of Your Fine & Thin Hair? We Bet You'll Relate To These 4 Thoughts


You cannot deny the fact that your hairstyle influences the way you look. Each ponytail and beachy wave is a crucial addition to your outfit. The thing is, some girls are blessed with a great head of hair which is voluminous and cooperates with them along the way. We don’t disregard the fact that they take good care of it (in today’s age of pollution and muck, it’s very hard to keep hair healthy and thick), but there is a small but sizeable population that missed out on that blessing. Enter: ME. 

I’ve always been super conscious of my hair. Not that a thin mane is supposed to make you feel some sort of way, but just realizing a lot of hairstyles would make me look bald gets to me. Sure, I do admit that in the daily grind of things, my lengthy home hair-care routine has condensed to a weekly champi. Basically, I can’t find the time or money to be able to invest in my hair like most others could perhaps do. Like geez, a basic spa in your local parlour would not be less than a grand! 

That takes us to a more deeply-rooted problem. Being conscious of your hair might seem pretentious to a lot of people, but then again–that’s what you feel anyway. That discomfort cannot go away because of someone else’s validation. A lot of people asked me not to worry as though it was a thought too fragile to invest in, but there I was feeling even more conscious that they noticed in the first place. 

So I realized over time, there are a few thoughts that inevitably come to you when it comes down to hair. Some funny, some in dire concern, and some just plain inquisitive. To all the girls with thin hair, this one’s for you! 

1. If I part my hair the other way, will it look strange? 


For a hair-conscious girl, hair partings are crucial. You’ve managed to keep your hair deceptively in place for a good few years making that your staple. Then the bug of changing it up bites you and you’re immediately tempted. This is a by-product of that thought. 

2. How much does the cheapest hair transplant cost? 

Ever wanted to completely start over? With your hair at least. If you have, then this thought has had to have occured to you. If you’re broke, start saving up–because it’s not dirt cheap like you wish. I already have my hair FD in place, maybe it’s time you start yours! 

3. This Instagram tutorial looks magical but it’ll probably never happen with my hair 

You know how you see those amazing hairstyle videos and go into a whole chain of thoughts? It’s one of those situations. That’s the thing, even if you can’t do it with the meagre thickness of your hair–you probably can pull off some other hairstyle that others cannot. There’s always a silver lining. 

4. I keep oil my hair regularly but nothing happens. Is this a trap? 

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt through this journey is that patience is key. Nothing happens overnight. You cannot oil your hair regularly for even six months and expect a drastic change in volume. It takes good food habits, rest, and a lot of hair-care to get there. Just oiling it, like I did, doesn’t cut it anymore. But if you’re dedicated to the cause, you’ll get there one day! 


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