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Legends of Yndyre: A WG Fantasy

The sun rarely shown in Racovania; some put it down to the local volcanoes belching soot into the local atmosphere, others claimed that the place was just cursed and some even blamed the local population of more monstrous inhabitants of placing the region under a spell of never-ending darkness.Sure,

Grapes the saviour in dry country

The Ensor family is looking to continuously improve the land they farm as the district around them continues to evolve. The Marlborough viticulture industry has grown to encompass 140 wineries and 535 grape growers compared with 100 wineries and 415 grape growers in 2005. There were a lot fewer

Meaningful feedback the key to beef’s future

DETAILED carcase feedback delivered in a way that allows a producer to make management changes and investments with confidence will be the future of the beef industry.So says fifth generation South Australian breeder, fattener and trader Mark Higgins and the processor he supplies, Teys Australia Naracoorte, agrees.Mr Higgins believes

LIVESTO.LG – Livestock Feeds Plc Profile | Reuters

About Livestock Feeds PlcLivestock Feeds PLC is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of animal feeds and concentrates. The Company operates through four segments: Aba, Ikeja, Benin and Northern operations. The Company offers finished feeds, including chicks mash, growers mash, layers mash, hybrid breeder, broiler/starter mash, broiler/finisher mash, super