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Bounty Kitchen's healthy comfort food comes to Denny Triangle

Seattle — Sometimes you need a detox…am I right? Thankfully, we live in a city where you can find wholesome food that’s both delicious and healthy. Bounty Kitchen is a great option for that, and better yet, they recently opened a new location in the Denny Triangle!

Thai Peanut & Basil Salad

If an item isn’t already dairy-free or vegan, Bounty Kitchen can usually swap something out to make sure it fits.

Different location, same great food. You’ll find plenty of healthful options for every appetite. Most menu items are dairy-free, and many are vegan as well. Bounty Kitchen also uses seasonal vegetables in many of their dishes. Their Seasonal Veggie Hash is just one example.

Seasonal Veggie Hash

The seasonal veggie hash changes with the seasons- as the name suggests!

And if you’re thirsty, Bounty Kitchen has a rainbow of options- literally! Drink your way to health with one of their many fresh juices, filled with all sorts of tasty fruits and vegetables.

Bounty Juices

Carrots, greens and beets, oh my! Lots of different juices at Bounty Kitchen.

Or if you’d like to imbibe in a little drinky-poo, they also have cocktails. Check out their Blue Mule, which features fresh blueberries.

Bounty Cocktails

Bounty Kitchen has some of the healthiest cocktails you can find.

Bounty Kitchen | 206-602-6045 | 801 Lenora Street, Seattle

This story is sponsored by Bounty Kitchen.

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