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Bhakti Mehta tells how ‘Little Food Daily’ make their food fancy yet healthy

Herb Grilled Chicken

Bhakti Mehta, owner of The Little Food Daily tells Shikha Jain how they make their food fancy yet healthy

The Little Food Daily has been running for the last two years whereas the The Little Food Company is an eight-and-a-half year old catering company. “I was doing a similar kind of food in my catering company, but it took me a while to start with the delivery. If you’re going to do it, it might as well be something that people can eat everyday and not party food. There’s the fact that Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean and other cuisines could also be brought in,” Bhakti says.

Everything on the menu is prepared consciously because the idea is to reduce the fat but add as much flavour as possible to retain that same authenticity of the dish. “Roti-sabzi, dal-chawal is not the only healthy option and that’s the reason why half the people end up eating something unhealthy. So, we want to establish that healthy doesn’t have to be boring, through our service,” adds Bhakti.

Now to the sampling… Their bestseller Beetroot Feta Falafel Salad is different from the regular falafels. It contains roasted beets and feta cheese along with hummus, tahini, yogurt dip, hot sauce and couscous as accompaniments.

Beetroot Feta Falafel

Bed of pepper rice, with chipotle beans, tomato jalapeno salsa, spiced cottage cheese, roasted corn, and guacamole makes for a perfect lunch pack… The Mexican Burrito Bowl is perfect for those who love to have a combination of tastes.

Classic favourite dish, Burmese Khao Suey made with skinny coconut milk to keep it lighter than the usual restaurant style with noodles, condiments and lemon mint was nice, but the gravy tasted a tad different from how it generally does.

And finally when it comes to the Herb Grilled Chicken with sweet potato mash and rosemary jus, the mash was delicious and scored over the chicken.

Go online and check out the options for the day. Better still, make use of their attractive subscription offers ranging from one to five meals a day. They will even tailor your meals according to your specific diet. We are hooked!


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