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Baby Girl’s Hair Is So Extreme That People Don’t Believe It’s Real

Baby hair

A new Instagram account is taking one baby girl’s fame to some serious heights! Baby Chanco was born with a full head of lustrous hair and now her thick locks are making her an Instagram star. The Japanese infant has more than 76,000 followers on Instagram with no signs of stopping, as fans love seeing the 8-month-old get her hair styled, teased, and even tuned in to a recent post where the little lion cub got her hair cut.

  • Baby with hair

    According to The Daily Mail, Chanco was born in December of 2017 and already had a full head of hair when she made her way earthside. But it was only in May of 2018 that her mom started her now-famous Instagram account BabyChanco. The account, which has racked up thousands of followers and boasts thousands of likes, has become an online hit and it’s no surprise why.

  • baby with hair

    On her Instagram account, followers wrote in gushing over Chanco’s wild lion’s mane of hair.

    “Omg that’s her real hair,” one user wrote.

    “Her hair style is like the Royal Guard of England!” wrote another.

  • Baby with hair

    And TBH, we are loving this cute little bow!

  • The 8-month-old seems totally chill as her stylist cuts away at that now-famous mop of locks, but in the comments of her post her followers beg Chanco’s parents to stop cutting the Insta-cutie’s claim to fame.


    “Nooooo,” wrote another heartbroken fan.

    But don’t worry, Chanco kept most of her locks.

  • Baby Chanco

    According to Dr. Andrew Raffles, consultant pediatrician at The Portland Hospital, how much hair a baby is born with often depends on heredity and the amount of pigmentation in the hair. The doctor explained that “a fair-skinned baby and a dark-haired baby may have exactly the same numbers of hairs, but the presence or absence of pigment (melanin) will determine how hairy or hairless your baby may look.”

    Meaning that it’s not always the amount of hair a child has but how dark it is that creates the look. In the case of Chanco, however, it looks like she has more than the average amount of hair volume!

  • baby Chanco

    Big hair, don’t care, y’all!





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