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Artículos sobre Healthy food

Poorer South Africans are bombarded with fast food.


Fast-food outlets outnumber health food stores in South Africa’s Gauteng province.

Bringing your lunch and snacks to work could save you $600 to $1,800 a year.


Are you a meticulous lunch planner, or do you decide what’s for lunch after those first pangs of hunger strike after midday? If you’re in the second camp, it might be time to change.


It’s not just a storm in a fruit cup – branding fuels our appetite for unhealthy foods.

Obesity is rising and so are the costs.


Obesity is not a rational choice. But there is scope for governments to get involved and improve our options.

Over 90 per cent of food and beverage product ads viewed by children and youth online are for unhealthy food products.


New data on soaring child obesity should not come as a surprise. The food industry spends billions marketing unhealthy foods in a global society where over-eating is seen as a character flaw.

We can encourage people to make healthy adjustments to their diets with simple behaviour techniques.

Anas Maarawi/Flickr

A lot of money is spent by food producers and retailers to try and influence the type of food we buy and eat. But what can be done to encourage healthier choices?

Eating healthfully adds up quickly.

Fruits and veg via

Consumers tend to think that healthy foods have to cost more than their less nutritional counterparts. New psychological research looks at how pervasive this is.

Fruits and vegetables can fight free radicals. Via Shutterstock.


We hear about the benefits of antioxidants, but who knows what they really do? Actually, quite a lot. They repair cellular damage caused by trouble-making free radicals.


Chia, acai, quinoa, guradji – our supermarket shelves are awash with superfoods. They may well be healthy but in attributing magical qualities to these products are we glossing over an often-exploitative global food system?

About 58% of the average household’s food budget is spent on ‘junk’ food.

Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

Many people believe eating healthily is expensive – and more costly than buying junk food. But our new research shows this isn’t the case.

Children will learn to like vegetables if they’re regularly exposed to them from a young age.

Zadorozhnyi Viktor/Shutterstock

Hippocrates said circa 400BC that “food should be our medicine and medicine should be our food”. He would probably turn in his grave if he saw the amount of highly processed, sugary food and drinks marketed…

Just because there’s an apple slice on it, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Flickr/Emilie Hardman

The mere sight of a slice of gooey chocolate cake, a cheesy pizza, or a sizzling burger can drive us to eat these foods. In terms of evolution we show preference for high calorie foods as they are an important…

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