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Alternate-Day Fasting Helped This YouTube Star Transform His Body In a Month


Intermittent fasting, which calls for not eating from anywhere between 16 hours to several days, has become one of the buzziest ways to lose weight. Brendan Jones of the popular YouTube channel Goal Guys, tackles alternate-day fasting, meaning he ate food every other day, in a new video.

First, he undergoes a full body DEXA scan, to get details about his body composition, including fat mass. Jones uses these findings to compare his results after attempting alternate-day fasting for an entire month to see if his body fat decreased. He shares the entire process with fans in his new video.

On days that he eats, Jones starts the morning with scrambled eggs and tofu served on multigrain toast with a side of brown beans. Lunch is a simple quinoa salad with broccoli and sweet potato. He maintains his typical workout routine and adds in more isometric work, planks, interval training, and cardio to build muscle mass. Jones tries to push himself just a bit harder on meal days since he plans to take it easy on days he goes without food.

After one week, Jones loses five pounds but admit it’s most likely water weight. Going an entire day without food would be torture for most people, but Jones says it’s not so bad. His worst cravings usually occur around 6 p.m., but he takes comfort in thinking about breakfast.

“I know food is coming in the morning,” he says.

The experiment is compromised when Jones gets sick. He begins eating one meal a day and refrains from hitting the gym. However, he still loses 14 pounds in 30 days and decreases his body fat by four percent. At the end of the experiment, Jones completes another DEXA scan and learns that he lost nearly 10 pounds of body fat and three pounds of lean muscle mass.

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“It doesn’t look like alternate-day fasting is a magic bullet for preserving muscle mass, ” he says.

Jones says alternate-day fasting decreased hunger and improved his mental clarity. However, he will most likely practice an easier intermittent fasting period, like abstaining from food for 16 hours, in the future.


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