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Add these delicious fermented foods to your diet now

Fermented foods have been lately a hot topic among a lot of people, especially experts. Fermentation is a natural anaerobic process wherein microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast break down the carbs (sugar or starch) into organic acids, alcohol or gases. This acid or alcohol gives a naturally preservation to the fermented food, giving it the desired taste, texture and fragrance.

The naturally fermented foods, accelerate the growth of good bacteria (probiotics) which in turn, give a healthy and strengthened gut. It is a process of not just preserving the foods, but adding a choke full of more nutrition and probiotics. In the ancient times, fermentation was the only option available to the people to naturally preserve the food, eliminate toxins and improve the taste and aroma. People, nowadays, have been switching to fermented foods impulsively, thanks to the potential health benefits.

It is time to call for action if you haven’t already jumped into the bandwagon of switching to fermented foods. Each bite of naturally fermented food equals to trillions of good bacteria inside your gut, even more than what your artificial probiotic supplement could ever provide. Also called the Superfood of new generation, fermented foods, apart from providing a healthy digestive tract, also help majorly in improving the immune system, while simultaneously acting as a great source of Vitamins B and K2. Here are 5 super-healthy and gut-friendly fermented foods, that you would love to gorge on.


A sweetened tea, usually black or green tea with sugar (honey or sugarcane). It contains a colony of bacteria and yeast that combine with sugar to initiate the process of fermentation. Kombucha gives a good dose of antioxidants and helps counter cancer.

Apple cider vinegar

A popular folk remedy adding a tart and zesty flavour to whatever you associate it with, be it salad, drinks or recipes. Apple cider vinegar contains those acids which support the growth of friendly bacteria or probiotics inside the gut.


A fermented dairy products with a thinner consistency as yogurt, is full of proteins, calcium, vitamins, folate, enzymes and probiotics. Kefir is also famous as a drinkable yogurt.


Homemade naturally fermented pickles are amazing for the health of your gut. They contain tons of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which a store-bought jar of fermented pickles might not contain.


Yogurt or curd is a dairy product made with fermentation of milk, which makes it the most loved superfood of all times. The lactic acid, which is formed during fermentation, is responsible for milk proteins to curdle up and provide a zesty and tangy flavour to the yogurt. It is excellent for improving digestion and give that radiant natural glow to your face.

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