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9 best volume-boosting hair powders for thickening your strands


Hands up who really uses their dry shampoo to create a little extra volume?

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While these cleansing creations are undoubtedly great for stretching out a fresh blow-dry, so many of us really use them to build body and texture in limp lengths.

If this sounds familiar, let us introduce you to hair volume powders – the way-more-powerful sister to that dry shampoo you’re oh-so dedicated to.

Usually formulated with rice or corn starch (although many of the best now come with fancy added extras), these super-fine powders work by absorbing oil and moisture, then binding to your hair to thicken each strand – without any crunchy residue.

Endlessly versatile, a hair volume powder can be used to achieve that eternally cool, model-off-duty texture (simply apply with abandon, then tousle with fingers), or to add a touch more height and movement to a big, bouncy blow-out. They’re even great for pepping up poker-straight hair.

Now we’ve weaned you off that dry-shampoo habit, let us introduce you to the very best hair volume powders to spritz, sprinkle and smooth in right now….

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Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder

For no-frills volume on a budget, this one can’t be beaten. It won’t strengthen your strands or make you smell like you’ve just stepped out of a spa, but it will build body just as well as the pricier alternatives. A bargain bottle that really delivers. 


Full Dry Volume Blast

Living Proof


This silicone-free spray is one of the most kind-to-hair options on the market. The weightless powder lends big volume as well as movement, while the brand’s signature fragrance will give you those fresh-from-the-salon vibes all day long.


Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator Powder and Brush Duo




Clearly the prettiest powder of the bunch, Davines’s root-lifter comes with an accompanying brush to sweep it over your strands in the boujiest way. The formula is incredibly well-considered, too: it’s brown, so won’t show up on darker hair, and fortified with bamboo and coconut to absorb oil and smooth frizz.


Soft Volume Powder



Playa wants to give you the effortlessly cool hair of a Californian surfer girl. One of the gentlest body-builders of the bunch, this soft powder is blended with natural clay to absorb oil at the roots, giving you that clean, tousled texture with a touch of volume. A tropical, orange-y scent makes it a dream to use, too. 


Volume Powder



This liquid-to-powder spray is undoubtedly one of the easiest root-boosters to use – simply spritz into dry roots, then muss up with fingers for instant height and volume. It applies clear, so there’s no risk of a tell-tale white residue, and has a subtle citrussy scent to seal the deal. 



Kevyn Murphy


If you’re after the shine-free texture of an off-duty model, this is the one for you. Originally created for use on set, Kevyn Murphy’s volume powder will give you that instantly cool tousled texture, without falling flat after a few hours. It works best when sprinkled into roots as the final styling step – we love using it to muss up heat-styled waves.


Blossom & Bloom Volume Root Powder



This strengthening option uses natural corn starch and mineral powders to build volume at the roots, so won’t aggravate an easily upset scalp (or leave any sticky residue lingering behind).


Super Dry Shampoo

OUAI Haircare


This brand new, souped-up version of Ouai’s coveted dry shampoo sits somewhere between a root-refresher and a volumiser. The heavy dose of volcanic minerals and rice starch soaks up every last trace of oil, while building volume you can really see from your roots to your ends. Plus, with that famous floral-musk Melrose Place scent, you can ditch the perfume. 


Powder Pouf Volumising Powder

Umberto Giannini


A brilliant budget option, this little bottle isn’t the easiest to apply, but it’ll do a good job of boosting limp, lifeless roots. Flip your head and shake vigorously for the most major results.

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