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8 of the best shampoos for thinning hair

Shampoo for thinning hair can be a secret weapon for those whose locks are losing their lustre faster than they’d like. If you’re worried about your fine hair ageing you prematurely, using shampoo for thinning hair is one small change that can make a big difference (short of wearing a wig).

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These products are designed to thicken hair that has already begun thinning and in some cases, can aid hair regrowth. They can help make your hair both appear and feel thicker and make it easier to create styles that require volume, like a quiff.

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How do they do it? By adding what’s missing, which in the case of thinning hair is keratin (a protein) and water. Most thickening shampoos will therefore contain panthenol, a form of vitamin B-5 that attracts moisture. The result is the appearance, albeit temporarily, of a thicker head of hair.

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Best shampoo for hair growth and thickening

In the meantime, here are some of the best shampoos, eight in fact, for thinning hair to buy right now.

1. Bumble and bumble thickening shampoo

Bumble and Bumble shampoo for thinning hair

The most affordable on the list due to its travel size, Bumble and Bumble’s thickening shampoo contains Panthenol and aloe vera.

BUY IT NOW: Bumble and Bumble – £7 at

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2. Jack Black True Volume shampoo

Jack Black hair thickening shampoo

Containing creatine (yes, that’s creatine) Jack Black’s volumising shampoo helps hair take on and retain moisture, just like it does for your muscles.

BUY IT NOW: Jack Black – £16.95

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3. Nanogen Shampoo and Conditioner

Nanogen thickening shampoo

Nanogen’s shampoo promises not only to thicken, but promote new growth thanks to its use of peptides and pea sprouts which stimulate hair production.

BUY IT NOW: Nanogen – £8.99

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4. House 99 Thickening Shampoo

House 99 thickening shampoo

David Beckham’s shampoo contains ‘styling polymers’ that it claims boost volume by 25 per cent. No word on whether it’ll help you pull off his hair styles.

BUY IT NOW: House 99 – £16

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5. Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo

Sachajuan thickening shampoo

Swedish salon Sachajuan’s thickening shampoo ‘cleans but doesn’t strip’ the hair, using algae to soften and boost its volume.

BUY IT NOW: Sachajuan – £20 

6. Kerastase Bain Volumifique

Kerastase thickening shampoo

This thickening effect shampoo uses cellulose powder and polymers to create volume but not leave the hair coated or feeling heavy.

BUY IT NOW: Kerastase – £14.71 

7. Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

Alpecin caffeine shampoo

Alpecin’s secret ingredient, caffeine, will give your hair a much needed pick me up by releasing silicone that softens and strengthens your hair.

BUY IT NOW: Alpecin – £4.98

8. American Crew hair recovery and thickening shampoo

American Crew thickening shampoo

This shampoo for thinning hair from American Crew replaces lost moisture in the hair helping to make it appear fuller.

BUY IT NOW: American Crew – £7.95 

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