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8 Healthy Foods You Should Eat Every Day to Lose Weight Easily


For functional medicine doctors, curating a specific diet for patients is the equivalent of prescribing medication; they believe that chronic conditions can be treated by supporting the natural healing mechanisms of the body. Healthy weight management is no different — they believe that “eating healthy should be about feeling great and nourishing your body, not trying to fit into a certain size jean,” explains MindBodyGreen, and that a healthy diet can help you get there. The health publication recently tapped its team of doctors, health coaches, and the like to identify what the experts actually eat when they’re trying to get in shape. Read up on their exact weight loss meals below.

A Cleansing Salad With Protein Dressing

“I’m not sure there’s one food that works for me and everyone else when it comes to weight loss, but a general approach is to increase the nutrient density of your food, make it less processed and anti-inflammatory, and to reset the metabolic hormones with your fork. One staple from my kitchen when I want to drop a few pounds is to make a large hearty and cleansing salad with thinly sliced kale, cabbage, cucumbers, fennel, and dress with a thick dressing and add seeds.

Bitter Melon

“Bitter melon is a vegetable commonly eaten in India and China that has tons of medicinal uses, including aiding in weight loss. It’s a rich source of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and it’s high in fiber, all while assisting with boosting digestive health. It’s also low in calories, and it’s filling. This vegetable stimulates the liver, which is a major detox organ.

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