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7 Delicious Meal Delivery Programs for a Healthy Holiday—And a Better 2019

Between Thanksgiving and New Year, a bit of well-deserved merrymaking—and overindulgence—is practically a given. But should the scales tilt toward full-on debauchery, be it in the form of the endless homemade cookie platters wafting by your desk daily or nightly flutes of bubbly circulating at a marathon of festive soirees, it can start to feel like an intervention is in order.

This year, though, why not get off the roller-coaster before it starts? Turning to a nutritious meal delivery program will set the mind (and gut) at ease by ensuring the kind of balanced blood-sugar levels and optimal digestion that stave off cravings in the first place—or at least help you rebound faster from the occasional food coma. Take your pick: From a line of global-inspired breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to a model-approved renewal program, the options are more appealing than ever—and will ensure you stride into 2019 on a healthier, happier note. No post–New Year’s Day detox required.

Sakara Life

Sakara Life
Sakara Life’s Instagram-friendly prepackaged meals have long been the fashion flock’s go-to for a quick three- or five-day refresh. But if a more major overhaul is on the mind, look no further than their 10-Day Reset kit. Letting you reap the benefits of the Lily Aldridge–approved holistic program from the comfort of your own kitchen, the DIY kit comes equipped with Sakara’s signature blue spirulina detox bars, daily probiotic blends, beauty water concentrates, and three easy-to-re-create recipes each day—like garlic tahini kale fritters and rainbow summer rolls—that look just as good as they taste.

Be Well Eats
Dr. Frank Lipman and celebrity chef Tricia Williams are the masterminds behind Be Well Eats, a new meal delivery service that caters to Manhattanites. Free of grains, dairy, and refined sugars, the organic breakfasts (berry-topped cashew cinnamon grain-free waffles), lunches (Mexican cauliflower rice bowl), and dinners (roasted chicken and spaghetti squash with kale pesto) highlight probiotic-rich fermented foods, adaptogenic herbs, and healthy fats and can be customized to suit almost any dietary restriction, be it vegan or keto.


Since its launch in 2014, Thistle has been bringing thoughtful zest to California’s subscription food service category thanks to its global, plant-forward menus. Think: Ethiopian misir wot, Cuban-style picadillo with sweet potato, and Mediterranean groat salad with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and kalamata olives—all gluten- and dairy-free.

Urban Remedy
Think of Urban Remedy’s latest offering, Metta-Morphosis, as a total body reset for the coming year. Originally created with the help of Angela Lindvall (a fan of the company’s plant-centric meals, along with Cindy Crawford and Kate Upton), this holistic program combines guided morning and evening meditation, daily movement classes led by dance and yoga teachers, and empowering videos with clean, low-glycemic juices, soups, and salads delivered right to your door.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest
When Daily Harvest first launched in 2016, it brought new innovation and health-consciousness to the frozen food section with its line of ready-to-blend smoothies. Last month, the superfood subscription service added Harvest Bowls to its roster, which has also expanded to include the likes of chia parfaits and savory soups. Shipped in ready-to-heat cups (simply microwave for 1 to 2 minutes), the preservative-free vegetable medleys are available in three comforting flavors: lentil and tomato, brussels sprouts and lime pad thai, and broccoli and cheese.

Sun Basket
Focusing on detoxifying and anti-inflammatory ingredients, Sun Basket’s Quick & Easy program is designed to cleanse the body and take the hassle out of preparing dinner with meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less. Fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins take center stage in easy-to-follow recipes such as Thai green curry with cod, spinach, and cauliflower rice and mu shu lettuce cups filled with braised tofu and wood ear mushrooms.

Green Chef

Green Chef
Those looking to make a home-cooked meal but also cut down on the amount of time spent running around grocery stores and farmers’ markets should consider signing up for Green Chef, a USDA-certified organic delivery service that comes with premeasured ingredients, premade sauces, and pre-chopped vegetables. Choose from a wealth of plans—vegan, gluten-free, keto—for fuss-free entrées at your doorstep.

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