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7 Brain-Boosting Foods For Growing Toddlers

When it comes to feeding toddlers, parents have to consider so many things before actually putting a meal or snack in front of their little ones. Of course, they want food to be healthy, want their toddlers to try new foods to expand their tastebuds, and they also want to make sure that the food being eaten promotes brain health as well. As such, many look to see how they can incorporate brain-boosting food for their growing toddlers into every meal.

By eating foods that boost brain power, parents are helping toddlers to not only grow brain strength but protect it as well. This occurs, according to Healthline by the foods providing antioxidants to the body as well as nutrients that support memory and overall brain health. Better still, by toddlers eating foods for brain health, they are improving their moods and are better able to focus when learning new tasks as well.

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Here are some brain-boosting foods for growing toddlers.


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When toddlers eat berries, they are not only boosting their brain function while little but they are also helping to keep their brains healthy as they age to ward off brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, according to WebMD.

By containing antioxidants, brain inflammation stays low, per the publication. What this means is that cells do not “oxidize” and allow for the better overall function of coordination and movement, which all toddlers could use a little extra boost of.



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Not only do avocados make great first foods for babies, but they also make for brain-boosting foods for toddlers.

According to Healthfully, avocados help to improve cognitive function. This means that memory and concentration are constantly being improved when avocados are eaten as a result of healthy fats, potassium, and especially the folate they contain. And if the little ones continue to eat avocados as they age, they will decrease their risk for blood clotting diseases and stroke as well.


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Eggs are an easy meal to make for toddlers that they love to eat. And as an added benefit, they contain nutrients that aid with brainpower as well.

According to Bel Marra Health, preservation of brain health is imperative to ward off brain diseases as people age. One way to do that is to start young and provide toddlers with eggs.

Eggs contain choline, which helps to keep the brain sharp and allows for learning to occur. Because of this, when toddlers are provided eggs throughout the week, the minds become more clear and are better able to retain memories, which is all part of learning and development.

Greek Yogurt

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When parents give their toddlers yogurt, it can be filled with sugars and added colors that are not always the healthiest of options for little ones. As such, switch out the regular yogurt for Greek yogurt and provide a nutritional power food to toddlers.

As researchers learn more about the connection between gut health and brain health, they are finding that when one is healthy, the other tends to be as well. Because of this, according to MedicalNewsToday, Greek yogurt is a great choice for toddlers because of the probiotics it contains. The probiotics help the gut to remain healthy and that health is passed along to the brain.

Greek yogurt also contains iodine, which is important to brain function as well.

According to Doug Cook, RDN, when the brain has enough iodine, better concentration and focusing occurs. And because of this, toddlers will be able to increase their cognitive development while attempting new tasks making learning easier and faster for toddlers.


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Broccoli may not seem like food most toddlers would enjoy, but with a little bit of steam to make it soft, the bitter taste is removed from the vegetable and the little ones get excited thinking that they are eating little trees as part of their meal.

Outside of broccoli being fun for toddlers to eat, according to, broccoli helps to rebuild the brain as well.

Because of their young age, there likely is not a lot of rebuilding of the brain that needs to occur with toddlers. However, according to the publication, broccoli also improves learning by helping to preserve memories of what has already been learned to build new concepts upon.

Further still, the cruciferous vegetable also aids with problem-solving skills. And while they may be rudimentary for this age of kids, early problem-solving skills are used in putting together puzzles, grouping objects together, and even in games like hide-and-seek, according to the Virginia Infant & Toddler Specialist Network.

So, serve toddlers broccoli in any form they will eat it. Their brains will be thankful for it in the present and the future.

Whole Grains

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Most people know that eating whole grains is healthier than eating foods made with white flour. Not only are they better for the cardiovascular system and build strong bones and muscles, but they are also important to brain health as well.

According to EndBrainCancer, eating whole grains is an important part of keeping the brain healthy. This is because reduced inflammation of the brain leads to better cognitive function, something which whole grains provide as a result of antioxidants and B vitamins.

Whole grains also provide brain energy throughout the day, per the publication. As such, brain fog will not set in. This will help with toddlers’ cognitive development as they learn new tasks and skills to become proficient with them in as short as time as possible.

Nuts & Seeds


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Nuts and seeds are very nutrient-dense foods. Because of this, a little bit goes a long way. But that little bit is also extremely helpful when it comes to brain health, which is why they are brain-boosting foods.

According to Leap!, some of the healthiest nuts and seeds for brain health include almonds, sunflower seeds, and though technically a legume, peanuts. This is because they increase blood flow to the brain and contain antioxidants, both of which aid with concentration and memory function.

While giving nuts and seeds may be a choking hazard to toddlers, providing them with almond, peanut, or sunflower seed butter are great options to allow them to reap the brain-boosting powers of these foods in a form they are sure to love.

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