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6 Healthy and Delicious Foods to Boost Your Mood

Food does so much more for us than fill our tummies and satisfy our taste buds. No matter how picky of an eater you are, you can find plenty of foods to help you stay hydrated without so much as removing your Brita filter from the fridge, and others to keep you flu-free, even in the coldest, sneeze-filled months.

As it turns out, the foods we choose to consume don’t just bolster our physical health; they can also assist in regulating our mental health. Nutrition psychology asserts that cognitive decisions, such as, say, what you put in your mouth, can influence mental well-being on top of nutrition and physical health. Health coach and holistic food therapist Sarah Thacker explains why this may be. “Foods that help to improve mood work in conjunction with gut-brain connection. The digestive system is where an estimated 90 percent of serotonin — the feel-good neurotransmitter — is made, making it vital to have a healthy gut,” she says. Below, she shares her top six picks for uplifting foods so you can stay fueled and feelin’ good all day long.

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