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5 secrets to drying your hair like a professional

Save time and sport perfect tresses every day with these blow-dry tips and tricks

Unfortunately for most of us, a glossy A-list blow-dry is not a realistic part of our everyday beauty routine. But do not despair: there are lots of tactics you can use to achieve the ultimate at-home result.

From how to angle the nozzle to which brush to use, we asked some of the UK’s best hairdressers how to get that enviable bouncy blow-out and style your hair like a professional using a Dyson Supersonic. 

Here, then, are five insider secrets that can help you reduce styling time, improve hair quality and achieve that flawlessly finished, salon-quality smoothness. 

Use a nozzle

“The Dyson hairdryer comes with a magnetic nozzle which I recommend my clients always use,” says Errol Douglas, celebrity stylist and ambassador for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing.

Sleek: a magnetic nozzle on the Dyson hairdryer directs airflow and smoothes the hair

“The nozzle directs airflow and smoothes the hair when angled along the hair shaft from root to tip. For best results, keep the hairdryer nozzle a couple of inches away from the hair, and dry in small sections using crocodile or section clips. The most common mistake people make when drying their hair at home is that the sections are too big, and the hair doesn’t dry evenly or thoroughly.”

Reduce damage with the right brush

“My recommendation is to always use a natural bristle brush such as horse hair,” says Douglas. “It works with the nature of human hair, and reduces the static and breakage that is often produced by plastic hair brushes.”

Nature’s own: use a brush with natural bristles for a smooth finish


Additionally, celebrity hair stylist Paul Edmonds advises avoiding certain types of brushes, such as ceramic for home use. “Unless you have very thick, unruly hair, a ceramic brush can damage the hair shaft by overheating it and breaking down the inner fibre. Leave this type to the professionals,” he says.

Create dream curls with a diffuser

“Diffusers are a curly girl’s best friend as they channel the heated air in a much more gentle way,” advises Douglas. “This gives space for the architecture of your curls to find their voluptuous shape, and creates less frizz than air- or blast-drying.” 

Keep it curly: tame curls and fight the frizz by using a diffuser

Award-winning hairdresser Suzie McGill also recommends using a diffuser on curly hair after rough drying for a couple of minutes. “Dry the rest of the hair with the diffuser, placing it directly onto your head and curls for faster drying,” she says. “Those with curly and textured hair types usually find it takes longer to dry their hair, but with a dryer such as the Dyson Supersonic, it will cut drying time”.

Don’t forget to apply product

If you find that you struggle to achieve that salon-quality finish, it may be because you’re missing a step: the product. “Always apply product to your hair before styling,” says McGill. “Whether it’s a heat-protection spray, serum or oil, this will help you to create the ultimate smooth finish.”

Be prepared: be sure to apply a heat-protection spray, serum or oil before drying your hair


Douglas also recommends finding products right for your hair type, especially if it’s curly. “The appearance of curly hair often benefits from a couple of pumps of the perfect potion – be it a serum, curl-defining cream or mousse.”

Check your heat setting

“On thicker, frizzier or grey hair types, you don’t always need the hottest and fastest setting on the hairdryer,” says Edmonds. “Allow time for the hair to smooth and dry around a brush by using a lower speed and a mid-heat setting.”

Keep your cool: keep your hairdryer on a cooler setting to help prevent heat damage

Douglas also advises keeping the temperature cooler for best results. “Most hairdryers are far too hot and cause great damage to the hair and scalp,” he says. “The Dyson hairdryer is faster, quieter and effective on various hair types from fine to highly textured.”


Achieve salon-perfect hair with a luxuriously shiny finish at home with the Dyson Supersonic.

Incredibly powerful, lightweight and easy to use, this stylish hairdryer regulates temperature, helping to prevent damage. 

Try the Dyson Supersonic for yourself, now available at John Lewis & Partners.

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