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5 foods The Healthy Chef always has in her shopping basket

We’ll have what she’s having.

Teresa Cutter, a.k.a. The Healthy Chef, has built up a cult following amongst health-conscious foodies thanks to her super healthy yet surprisingly delicious recipes and her organically-sourced, nutritionally-based wholefoods product range.

Even if you aren’t one of her hardcore fans, it’s highly likely you’ve seen one of her best-selling protein supplements like The Healthy Chef Green Smoothie on a shelf at your local wholefoods store or salivated over one of her stunning recipes on Instagram or in one of her best-selling cookbooks.

Indeed, Sydney-based Cutter is the food world equivalent of Hollywood’s multi-hyphenate—but where a Hollywood multitalent would be an actor/singer/dancer, Cutter is a classically trained chef/nutritionist/personal trainer—bringing the best of food and health together in one talented package.

Cutter’s status as one of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking and eating means she is now in such demand that she is no longer able to accept clients for health and nutrition consultations. However, Cutter was able to take some time out of her busy schedule to share with Vogue some of her expert healthy eating advice, including what foods are always in her shopping basket, a smoothie secret, her obsession with salmon sashimi and why she believes moderation is key when it comes to healthy eating.

Please share the five foods that are always in your shopping basket and why.
“Smoked Salmon. [It’s] rich in protein and omega-3’s to nourish a glowing complexion and healthy body. Avocado and avocado oil: [both are] wonderful source[s] of healthy fats. I love using avocados in my smoothies—they are low in sugar and add a delicious and creamy texture. My smoothie of the moment is half an avocado, one cup of coconut water, Healthy Chef Protein and Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat. Avocado oil is a great alternative to olive oil for salad dressings that’s fantastic for skin health and heart health.”

Cutter says her final two shopping cart must-haves are: “Kiwi fruit [which is] my favourite fruit that works wonders on the digestive system. I have two kiwi fruit almost every day, they’re low in sugar and high in soluble fibre and vitamin C needed for collagen production. [And] organic eggs. [They’re a] rich source of protein and a staple in my recipes. When I’ve had a big day at work I’ll often make hubby and I a quick omelette for dinner using leek, three eggs and a little pecorino cheese.”

A Healthy Chef recipe. Image credit: supplied

What is your favourite food and why?
“Salmon sashimi with LOTS of wasabi. I’m obsessive compulsive by nature and can easily become obsessed with certain foods, and at the moment it’s raw salmon. If I’m not at Japanese eating sashimi, I’m usually at a restaurant ordering a salad with a side of salmon! It’s easy to digest, high in protein and omega-3, tastes delicious and just makes me feel wonderful.”

What is the one food or meal you would never eat and why not?
“Processed fast food as they are simply not good for your health,” Cutter says.

Any secret food vices?
“Chocolate and pinot noir. I’m a big believer in the 80/20 food philosophy—where 80 per cent of the time you eat pure natural wholefoods and the other 20 per cent can be for a little indulgence. It’s a balanced approach that still enables you to enjoy your favourite foods in moderation.”

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