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4 Food Myths Debunked

Making healthy food choices can get confusing.

We’re separating myth from fact for foods have been falsely branded as good or bad, according to

Myth 1: Egg yolks are bad for you

In truth, they are high in cholesterol but low in saturated fats, which are more influential in raising blood cholesterol levels.

Lots of research in recent years show eggs can be part of a healthy diet for most.

Myth 2: Natural sugar is different from added sugar, so juice is better than pop.

In truth, sugar is sugar. Fruit is better to eat because of fiber and other nutrients, but it still counts toward your daily intake.

That’s why your body reacts to fruit juice in a similar way to pop.

Myth 3: Organic foods are automatically healthy

Organic chocolate syrup, cookies, chips and candies have the same amount of sugar, fat and empty calories they always did.

The “organic” label isn’t a free pass to eat more junk food.

Myth 4: Salads are always the healthiest menu option.

In truth, all the add-ons piled atop a bed of lettuce can be just as bad as a mouthwatering burger.

Watch out for tricky toppings like bottled dressings, cheese, bacon, croutons and sweetened dried fruit

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