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13-year-old boy has rare condition that causes thick hair to cover his entire face

13-year-old Lalit Patidar from central India was given the nickname ”wolf boy” after the effects of a rare condition, known as hypertrichosis, caused him to grow hair all over his face, according to Newsflare. 

Patidar originates from Nandleta village in the Madhya Pradesh state and is the youngest in his family of five sisters. His father, Bankat Patidar, said he was like this from birth and that doctors have diagnosed the disease as incurable. 

“Local residents and relatives have long been accustomed to the hairy boy, but strangers and children sometimes get scared while seeing him for the first time,” said Patidar’s father to Newsflare. 

Hypertrichosis is defined as excessive hair growth above the normal for the age, sex and race of an individual. It can develop all over the body or, like in Patidar’s case, can be isolated to certain parts of the body. The cause of the rare condition is unknown but is believed to be a genetic disorder that occurs as a result of spontaneous gene mutation. Patidar’s case is extremely unusual, being that none of his relatives have a history of hypertrichosis, according to Newsflare.

Patidar attends a local school at an eighth-grade equivalent level where, despite his condition, he has made a lot of friends. When he first started, the other students were confused and referred to him as “wolf” along with many other nicknames.

But with time, his classmates got used to his unusual appearance and now they can all be spotted playing sports together and hanging out. The only difference is Patidar might attract more selfie requests than the average 13-year-old boy.

Patidar says his condition does cause breathing problems due to the long hair on his face. He also trims his face regularly to avoid getting hair in his mouth while eating and drinking. 

Looking ahead, Patidar has a positive attitude and aspires to become a police officer.

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