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10 Easy to Make Healthy Evening Snacks for Children

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10 Easy to Make Healthy Evening Snacks for Children

From a quick ‘utterly butterly’ sandwich to a more wholesome burrito filled with kidney beans, chicken and rice, children love to indulge in evening edibles after a tiring day spent at school or engaged in some other activities. They can gobble up delightful snacks right after they come home to fuel up again. Snacking between meals is very essential but you might have a tough time trying to feed them monotonous everyday snacks. There is a constant struggle between what is healthy and what can be deemed tasty. Don’t fret! Healthy eating need not be boring.

There are some alternatives where you can modify your daily routine and draw a smile on your child’s face. Here are some easy and healthy evening snack ideas your child will absolutely love.

1. Cookies Who doesn’t like a great looking brown aromatic cookie straight out of the oven? This tempting crispy snack is perfect for being savoured after dunking it in milk. The tasty fulfilling dish can be served during evenings or before the youngsters head out to play. The essential nutrients of nuts and milk will maintain the health quotient for growing children.

2. Steamed Dhokla It is an ideal snack to charge up after a long tiring day at class. Serve with freshly made chutney and children will definitely relish the taste.

3. Oats Idli You will be surprised to see how your child gorges on this healthy food item. Not only does it fulfill the nutritional criteria, children will never know how much they have enjoyed a snack sneaked in with the goodness of oats.

4. Lentil Mushroom Burger This dish will bring a change in your life as your child will definitely enjoy this wholesome snack. You can always hide proteins like lentils in your child’s desired food if he doesn’t touch that bowl of dal on his plate. This delicious and super-healthy mini-burger will be a sensation among youngsters.

5. Savoury Corn Tarts Make these savoury maize flour tarts filled with cheese and vegetables. It is a smart and excellent way to provide a source of energy and nutritious value to your child.

6. Cake Make a special cake with whole wheat with the goodness of nuts. This mouth-watering delicacy, full of texture will keep your child asking for more. This healthy snack will add to your child’s growth as it combines nutrients along with a yummy and rich taste.

7. Banana Sandwich The delightful snack is a beautiful combination of bread and bananas, an excellent source for fibers. The sandwiches are crispy on the outside and soft inside and are great for youngsters. Ripe bananas are smashed and create such a mouth-watering taste, children will definitely want more.

8. Fruit custard You can’t go wrong with this one. This is one of the simplest ways to get that dose of fruits in your child’s system. The tasty and healthy recipe is easy to make and a great way to ensure to include all the fruits that you’d like to serve to your kid.

9. Sooji toast This mouth-watering treat is made by combining melted cheese, onion, bell peppers, and tomato together. Easy to prepare, one can create a yummy dish in mere minutes. Serve the snack on the table without delay as it will be a delight for taste-buds and appetite both.

10. Baked potato wedges The baked snacks are yummy and easy to eat. Potato wedges are an excellent fit for youngsters. They are easy to make and one does not necessarily need to buy the frozen potato-fries available in shops.

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